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“Sharing my deep intuitive insights, impressions and wisdom with clients, gifts them with the foresight and knowledge to shift their energy toward creating  the best possible outcome in any given situation.”


Is the precious voice of the Divine within all of us – that beautiful, magnificent and powerful force of nature that created everyone and everything.  It lives and breathes within, reminding us that we are never alone. It is our internal guiding system, linking us to the greater mystery that connects us to that deep, inner knowing, which allows us to understand immediately, without interference from the logical mind.

Intuition speaks to us continuously, never leading us astray, always knowing exactly what to do – it’s only mission is truth.

Guided by my connection to my inner knowing and grounded in my spiritual practice and psychotherapeutic and metaphysical studies, I offer clients not only my psychic abilities but also spiritual guidance.  My passion is to assist them in awakening and deepening their own connection to their inner knowing, and guiding them through transformative shifts of old patterns and belief systems, so they are free to tap into the field of infinite possibility.


“Natalie has been reading for me for over 20 years. She’s the only one I trust. She goes out of her way to make sure you leave knowing what you came to learn.” Susan, OPG, Toronto, ON

“She is amazing!” Tizi, Harriston, ON

“A veritable Oracle in her own right, Natalie has a very unique method for tapping into higher realms to offer guidance and information. She has never failed to blow my mind with her insight, clarity and accuracy.” Debbie, Medium/Psychic, Toronto, ON

“To say that Natalie is intuitive is an understatement of Metaphysical proportions. The great value of a session with Natalie is the ability to tune in to one’s own spirit. By the end of a session, one is clear, certainand, awakened to one’s own inner wisdom. Yoga for the soul.” Tess C. Buchanan,
BA Hons. Psych., BSW Hons., MSW, RSW