“Path and purpose… Natalie has these, and so will you after visiting with her.  I have had numerous sessions with her.  Each one tingles with clarity.  I always leave with great hope and anticipation for the next part of my life.  And, here’s the best part: being with Natalie brings out the very best in me.  I can feel it.  You have her full, undivided attention – a rare thing in this age – and her accuracy in indisputable.  Right on, every time, and the counseling that goes with it is supportive, practical and kind.  An intuitive soul like I have never met, Natalie helps you formulate the best question you can ask to get at the heart of what you desire – that’s why I went to see her.  My time with Natalie has changed how I look at myself, and my life story.  This is definitely a person you should meet.”  Ken, client and friend, Keswick, ON

“I am so blessed to have met such a gifted and incredible individual. Natalie really pours her heart into her readings.  Her kindness and her wonderful personality exudes from her readings always, especially when I have come to her during moments of crisis and almost expecting more crisis to come my way. Natalie has always assured me that all is well and will be well with a smile. I am still in awe about how much care she gives, especially when it comes to your personal circumstances. She always does all she can to help you make the right decisions going forward. In moments where I thought I had no hope, Natalie has gently guided me to show me there is hope. She helps me see that every decision is the right decision, even if I can’t see it at the time. I am so grateful for Natalie’s guidance and for her connection to Source, and will always turn to her in those times when I am needing more clarity. I send so much love, light and abundance her way always!”
Sabeena xx, England, UK

“Natalie Capone is an undeniably gifted woman. I’ve had several intuitive readings with her and she has never failed to blow my mind with her insight, clarity and accuracy. If you are struggling to make a life decision or want to know what potential the near future holds in store for you GO SEE NATALIE!
Here are just a few things Natalie has seen for me in various readings that quickly became a reality:
Nat predicted that I would marry my now husband after we had broken up and not even spoken to each other in several months. About a month after that reading I received an email from my now husband which led to us getting back together and getting engaged within a year.
– Nat saw that my husband and I would be moving closer to family and that my husband would get a new job. That happened within about 2 months of that reading!
– Nat saw me having a 2nd child soon after my 1st child was born even though we weren’t trying for a 2nd yet. I was unexpectedly pregnant about a week after that reading, lol!”

Kate, Intern Therapist, Hamilton, ON

“Natalie has been SPOT ON with her powerful readings over the last 11 years. She has helped and guided me through many life-changing transitions, and always been a comfort for me when I desperately needed answers.” Tizi, Harriston, ON

“I would very much endorse Natalie’s psychic abilities! She is a veritable oracle in her own right and has a very unique method for tapping into higher realms to offer guidance and information. She is honorable and ernest and you can trust her skills. If you are searching for confirmation of what will happen, I whole heartedly recommend connecting with Natalie! She is that one in a million, that one you don’t want to loose contact with in times of need!”
Debbie, Medium/Psychic, Toronto, ON