As an intuitive empath, I have been passionately uplifting and guiding clients for over 30 years in Toronto, the US and Europe. My clients come from a broad cross section of the community and include: healers, psychics, spiritual councillors, psychotherapists, film directors and producers, actors, authors, students, business entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Using the intricate imagery of Tarot, I am able to direct my intuitive capacity to feel, ‘hear’ and sense the energy fields of individuals.  After receiving the impressions and messages, I interpret them into meaningful information, possible outcomes and estimated time-frames. I offer clear guidance, direction and wisdom to those seeking answers to questions of the heart and soul.

We all have the gift of intuition, so I encourage clients to recognize and listen to their own inner voice and follow the sacred messages they receive. This is the best gift I can offer you.

I first discovered my innate intuitive abilities at the age of 7, when I noticed that I knew things before they happened. At 16, a friend gifted me with a set of Tarot Cards and they became my tool of expression. As an extremely empathetic and conscientious teenager, I began sharing my intuitive insights freely with friends and family. Soon they began telling others, and by the age of 20, I was doing readings for family, friends and strangers.

Once I combined my intuitive abilities with studies in psychotherapy and the metaphysical, I  began to attract clients seeking spiritual guidance and counselling.  In this respect, I am able to sense deeply rooted trauma, energy blocks, and repetitive subconscious patterns, then offer intuitively guided direction for healing and clearing. 

I thank the Divine, for the energy of higher consciousness and wisdom that comes through me.  I am simply a channel that receives the messages and imparts them to others.

Through my own personal struggles and life experiences, I have come to strongly believe that the world we experience is simply an externalization of our combined inner dialogue, emotions, thoughts and beliefs.  By healing, clearing and transforming our thoughts, energy blocks and ways of being, we are able to align our mind, body and spirit to allow our energy to flow into positive channels.  We then create more harmony, balance and peace of mind, not only for ourselves, but for the world around us.  In this way, we contribute to the peace of our earthly brothers and sisters, our great mother earth, and the world around us.  By embracing and living our own peace, joy and love, we spread it out into the world.

“Natalie blends an incredible combination of intuition, spiritual counselling and genuine empathy to provide a powerful and accurate reading. Many of the predictions she made for me have come to be. She also counselled me on how to navigate and be with my spiritual process as these predictions started to manifest. This has been most useful – a healing salve in a very transitional and challenging time in my life.”  Avi Z.,  Psychotherapist, Toronto, ON