Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are based on my own heightened intuition and the archetypal nature of the cards themselves. Through interpretation of their imagery combined with my intuitive impressions, I am able to delve into the core of any question or issue – whether it is a relationship, career, financial or spiritual matter. I shed light on hidden information and empower you to make informed and wise choices.

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual counselling and guidance differs from an intuitive reading in that it involves a series of sessions that go to a deeper level of an issue. Sessions offer profound healing and higher awareness.  They can be an addition or alternative to other healing therapies, help you uncover blocks and issues you may not be aware of, resolve on-going conflicts, and/or simply heighten your spiritual connection to the Divine and clarify your spiritual path. 

Each session is a combination of spiritual counselling/mentoring and intuitive insight. Spiritual counselling works through the Soul rather than the Mind. Individuals are encouraged to express themselves and their world through wisdom, spiritual awareness and authenticity. The emphasis is on integration of the being on all levels, and on helping you get in touch with your own powerful inner counsel.

Through continuity, each session builds on the last, and moves you closer to the wise use of your own spiritual gifts, strengths, skills and knowledge. I personally view obstacles and struggles as gifts – providing an opening to inner growth and expansion of consciousness. But, when faced with conflict or messy circumstances, it isn’t always easy to embrace the moment. With much love and compassion, I gently guide you to find the gifts presented in each circumstance you are facing.

“Natalie is one of the most natural and authentic Intuitives I have worked with. Her sessions have offered me insightful guidance that I have been able to apply in a practical way to make positive changes in my life. Her guidance is compassionate and has helped me to move through difficult times with a sense of hope and calm. She has brought deeper understanding and clarity to complicated situations. She is a clear channel for receiving guidance from higher places. Her sessions are always encouraging and inspiring and I look forward to them every time.”
In Gratitude, Nadia, New York, USA

Natalie Capone is a very gifted individual whose spiritual intuitive counselling abilities have often helped me to gain crucial insights about issues affecting my life.  Her non-judgmental, empathetic manner and insightful comments direct you to look at situations in a new light and help guide you to understand and resolve matters important to you.”  Sonya, Toronto, ON