“She is amazing! Natalie has been SPOT ON with every guy I have ever dated. My readings over the last 11 years with her have been life-changing and she has been a comfort for me when I desperately needed answers.”

– Tizzi,
Toronto, ON

“Natalie Capone is an undeniably gifted woman. I’ve had several intuitive readings with her and she has never failed to blow my mind with her insight, clarity and accuracy. If you are struggling to make a life decision or want to know what potential the near future holds in store for you GO SEE NATALIE!

Here are just a few of the things that Natalie has seen for me in various readings that quickly became a reality:

– Nat predicted that I would marry my now husband after we had broken up and not even spoken to each other in several months. About a month after that reading I received an email from my now husband which led to us to getting back together and getting engaged within a year.

– Nat saw that my husband and I would be moving closer to family and that my husband would get a new job. That happened within about 2 months of that reading!

– Nat saw me having a 2nd child soon after my 1st child was born even though we weren’t trying for a 2nd yet. I was unexpectedly pregnant about a week after that reading, lol!”

– Kate Babetin
Psychotherapy Intern
Hamilton, ON

“To say that Natalie is intuitive is an understatement of Metaphysical proportions. The gifts that are revealed during time with her has allowed me to move forward in all aspects of my life. Like everyone, there have been times that I have felt stalled, confused, afraid or angry. The great value of a session with Natalie is the ability to tune in to one’s own spirit. By the end of a session, one is clear, certain and, awakened to one’s own inner wisdom. Yoga for the soul.”

– Tess C.
Buchanan BA Hons. Psych., BSW Hons., MSW, RSW.
Barrie, ON